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The Stairlings Collective

By 22nd April 2019Research

SeminarsResearch — 12

From the Past to the Present but…to the Future?, with The Stairlings Collective

An initiative of Alisha Doody
Hosted by the Critical Academy


These workshops will be hosted by artist and educator Alisha Doody in collaboration with The Stairlings Collective. The workshops are designed to educate participants on lesbian and trans history which is often hidden or more difficult to access within the broader LGBTQI+ historical narrative.

At a time when issues of transphobia are emerging and public questions are being raised in relation to women-only spaces the aim of the event is not to exclude the wider LGBTQI+ community and its allies but to invite others in, to build solidarity and in doing so, highlight the ongoing needs of women in Irish LGBTQI+ society.

The use of archival photographic and print media will also serve to educate the participants on the need to develop a critical visual literacy in relation to imagery that is shared in the public domain, and the role of media in influencing public opinion.

Through sharing of history and exploration of archival materials, these workshops which will see the participants create photographic collages and badges using a vintage badge maker all of which will be inspired by LGBTQI+ archival materials. Dialogue and sharing of experiences between participants will be encouraged to best facilitate community building.


2-5pm Sat-Sun 20-21 July
Location: Museum of Contemporary Photography of Ireland, The Printworks, Dublin Castle, Dublin 2

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Alisha Doody

Alisha is a visual artist and educator working with photography and moving image. As a queer woman based in Ireland, her work has emerged from exploration of contemporary society through personal experience. As a result of these experiences, she began developing an interest in how histories and mentorship can influence the formation of identity within individuals but also collectively within communities. Alisha is interested in exploring how agonism, discomfort and tension can be utilised within a socially engaged practice that is seeking positive changes. She is committed to ethical and educational engagements with the LGBTQ+ community, to understand and represent the effect of the current social and political landscape on this diverse identity, and to the sharing of this research with the community it involves.

The Stairlings

An intergenerational collective of lesbian and trans women activists and artists, The Stairlings consists of members of BeLonGTo, Irelands national LGBTQI+ youth organisation (Lisa McKenny (Youth Worker), and two young people), Sara Phillips – Chair of the Board in TENI, Trans Equality Network Ireland, Izzy Kamikaze – long time Irish LGBTQI+ activist and artist Alisha Doody whose work is focused on LGBTQI+ histories, mentorship and identity.