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Cultural Branding and Strategies

By 25th November 2017March 9th, 2019Business

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Cultural Branding and Strategies with Menno Liauw


This seminar is aimed at professionals working in the cultural and creative sector, from arts administrators to designers and marketeers, and especially for photographers looking for inspiration to promote their careers.


Whether you are an independent artist, a creative, a photographer, or a cultural organisation, in order to survive and thrive in your sector you need to be at the top of your game. This means not only being able to produce original and critical work, but also having the skills to shape your own vocabulary, an identifiable language that will contribute to being at the top of people’s minds. This is even more relevant when you are just starting your practice, a time when we are in need of extra attention.

There are many calls for works, festivals, exhibitions, and magazines for talented artists to launch their careers. But what happens if you are now beyond that talent level? We all know many great artists who have slipped between the gaps in early and mid-career, and they have difficulties in getting noticed and in making their work available to a larger audience. 

In a similar manner, it is likely that there are many organisations like yours competing for the same audience. You could be struggling to deliver excellent content to a larger public, but your message is getting lost amongst all the noise.

Menno Liauw believes that this is where important rethinking is needed: we must reconsider our work, our practice, our values and our message, our audience, and merge all these into a coherent and strong brand. But how to build it?

Exploring the successful case of FOAM, the international photography organisation based in Amsterdam, Liauw will share his findings in shaping their accomplished cultural brand, one of the many he has developed over the years. He will propose all participants a series of 6 key questions to reflect on, as he guides us through the process of empowering individuals and organisations. He will touch upon issues relating identity, design, audience engagement, activation, and ambition, aside from considerations about how to stay relevant, enterprising and inspiring.


New session to be announced.
2-4pm 25th November
Location: The Library Project, 4 Temple Bar Street, Dublin.
€25 per person


Menno Liauw

Menno Liauw is Strategic Director at Vandejong. For the last 20 years, Menno has been active in the Dutch cultural sector as a strategic advisor, focusing on fundraising, product and service development, branding and reputation management for a wide range of organisations, such as the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam and the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra. He established a magazine publishing house with FOAM in Amsterdam. He founded the UNSEEN International Photography Fair & Festival in 2011, now attracting 25,000 visitors annually. Active also in EU funded initiatives, he co-developed impact assessment tools, co-creation formats and social media management tools. He is and has been on the board of several cultural organisations and is on the advisory board of the inclusivity program of the Van Gogh Museum.

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