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Harnessing Mindfulness in our Creative Practice

By 19th January 2018March 19th, 2019Research

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Harnessing Mindfulness in our Creative Practice with Tim Dawson at Mulvarra House


This weekend seminar is ideal for artists, photographers and creative practitioners looking to expand their sources of creativity, exploring and understanding alternative techniques. On completion of this weekend, participants will have been given the opportunity to explore the potential of a variety of mindfulness techniques, all aimed at cultivating greater awareness both of the natural world, and of the landscapes of our inner world.


Tim Dawson presents a unique weekend seminar hosted at Mulvarra House, a fully functioning Bed & Breakfast placed in the beautiful and tranquil St. Mullin’s, on the eastern bank of the River Barrow in the south of County Carlow. Conceived as a creative and reflective retreat, the seminar will propose participants to learn some basic concepts and explore mindfulness and meditation techniques specifically for Visual Artists. Some of the plan activities include:

  • Outdoor activities like hiking and walking meditation;
  • Indoor activities like yoga asana, pranayama, breathing techniques, followed by readings and discussions; 
  • Evening diversions such as yoga nidra, social games, and film screenings.

All participants are invited to join all activities programmed, although free range is given to those wishing to focus on specific areas.

Note that transport to and from Mulvarra House to Dublin will be arranged separately with those wishing to avail of the extra service.


2 day intensive seminar
Various sessions accumulating 9 hours of tuition
19-20-21 January 2018
Location: Mulvarra House, St. Mullins, Co. Carlow

€350 per person, includes all tuition fees and 2 days full board B&B



Since completing his MA in Computer Animation at the National Center for Computer Animation at Bournemouth University, Tim Dawson has pursued his passion for technology while also deepening a longstanding interest in Eastern philosophy and the ancient science of yoga. After lecturing in the Computer Science faculty in Griffith College Dublin for five years, Tim decided to bring his extensive experience in education to bear in teaching yoga and meditation, while still retaining an interest in computer graphics and digital image making. He is currently setting up a yoga retreat centre at Mulvarra House, on the Barrow River in St Mullins.

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