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Research Skills

By 6th November 2018April 20th, 2019Research

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Research Skills with Orla Fitzpatrick and Kerstin Hamilton


This seminar is aimed at artists embarking upon a new project who wish to underpin their practice with solid research or those wanting to deepen their skills regarding research in creative contexts. Good research skills allow the artist to fully explore new concepts and ideas and to frame and critically evaluate their practice.


Using a workshop environment, the seminar will explore the research needs of artists enabling them to bring new perspectives to their work. Topics will include:

  • Writing about and within your practice;
  • Bringing a narrative cohesion to your project;
  • How to mine archives, historical and digital, for inspiration and source material.

The seminar will be complemented by a special lecture by PhD candidate Kerstin Hamilton, who will present her on-going research project Exploring Experimental Documentary, a study based in the field of nanotechnology and documentary photography.

The seminar will conclude with an exploration of innovative forms of dissemination that think outside the conventional gallery framework.


6 sessions of 3 hours every Monday evening at 6.30pm
From 6th November to 11th December
Kerstin Hamilton’s seminar on Monday 20th November at 6.30pm
Location: The Library Project, 4 Temple Bar Street, Dublin.
€300 per person


Orla Fitzpatrick

Orla Fitzpatrick is photo-historian and writer based in Dublin. She complete a PhD on the subject of modernity in the Irish photobook in 2016. She is a regular contributor to Source photographic review and the literary journal Gorse. She has also written on Irish design history and material culture.

Kerstin Hamilton

Kerstin Hamilton is an artist and PhD candidate in practice based artistic research at Valand Academy, Gothenburg University. Her research project Exploring Experimental Documentary is carried out using a method of fieldwork and interdisciplinary collaborations with natural scientists in the field of nanotechnology.

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