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Writing for Artists

By 9th March 2019Research

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Writing for Artists


This course is aimed at any artist who wishes to improve their writing skills in order to support, explain or promote their work.


Writing for Artists is a seminar that will introduce the key concepts and writing skills required by artists in the pursuit of their practice. It provides guidelines on how to write about one’s own work and also how to enhance their own artistic process through notebooking and diary writing.

The seminar will examine and critique case studies learning how best to write artists statements, press releases and project descriptions. In addition, it will explore more creative and critical forms of writing which allow the artist to critically evaluate their own work and position it within contemporary practice.

This is a practical seminar where you are expected to be an active participant, benefiting from everyone else’s participation.


Next session to be announced
6 sessions of 3 hours every Monday evening at 6.30pm
Location: The Library Project, 4 Temple Bar Street, Dublin.
€300 per person


Orla Fitzpatrick

Orla Fitzpatrick is photo-historian and writer based in Dublin. She completed a PhD on the subject of modernity in the Irish photobook in 2016. She is a regular contributor to Source photographic review and the literary journal Gorse. She has also written on Irish design history and material culture.

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