Grounded in the 21st century, these seminars look at Arts practices as a sustainable & critical endeavour.

From Autumn 2017, the Critical Academy launches a growing series of seminars around key aspects of contemporary Arts practice aimed at developing and strengthening key skills and mindsets, taught in participatory environments with clear and focused aims.

Introduction —

The Critical Academy seminars look at very specific skills that are commonly considered secondary in the teaching of artistic practices, mostly focused on methodologies and theory. We consider these skills not complementary but fundamental for a sustainable practice and a wholesome life, and they contribute to a continuous self-development.

These relate to essential aspects and core values of a stable Arts practice, from daily administration routines, to competence in resolving grant aid paperwork, and understanding the importance of applied self-discipline; others refer to entrepreneurial matters, acknowledging both the artist’s output and the artist’s needs.

Likewise, we aim to advance and deepen crucial skills regarding critical thinking, researching, speaking and writing about your work, and we are introducing alternative ways to foster a creative practice through mindfulness, meditation, and yoga.

The seminars are offered in different formats and lengths according to the subject at hand, and to better adapt to a successful outcome. The participant tutors were selected for their extensive knowledge and experience in their fields, and a proven track record in delivering engaging lectures. These seminars have been created specifically for the Critical Academy, and there are others to be added in the coming months. They are divided in four strands: Research, Discipline, Business, and Output. The following seminars are now available for booking:



Masterclass on Research, Narratives and Platforms

12pm Sat 5 May
Laia Abril, Artist

Photobook Trends

12pm Sat 19 May
Ángel Luis González, PhotoIreland Foundation

Harnessing Mindfulness in our Creative Practice

Next session to be announced.
Tim Dawson, Visual Culture Lecturer & Yogi

Research Skills

Next session to be announced.
Dr. Orla Fitzpatrick, Photo-Historian
Kerstin Hamilton, PhD candidate, Valand Academy

Project Development: From Work in Progress To Presentation

Next session to be announced.
Erik Vroons, GUP Magazine

Writing for Artists

Next session to be announced.
Dr. Orla Fitzpatrick, Photo-Historian



Talk: Irish Photography in a European Context

3pm Sun 20 May
Ángel Luis González, PhotoIreland Foundation

Reset Your Practice

4pm Sun 13 May
Ángel Luis González, PhotoIreland Foundation

Essentials for Cultural Event Management

Next session to be announced.
Julia Gelezova, PhotoIreland Foundation

Opening soon
Administration Skills for an Arts Practice: from Workflows to Applications
Interprofessional Skills for Artists



Art as a Sustainable Practice: Nurture Your Entrepreneurial Mindset

12pm Sun 20 May
Ángel Luis González, PhotoIreland Foundation

Sustainable Practices for Photographers

Next session to be announced.
Marc Prüst, Curator NOORDERLICHT & Consultant

Cultural Branding and Strategies

Next session to be announced.
Menno Liauw, Strategic Director, Vandejong (UNSEEN, FOAM)



Printing Secrets: Press Checking

12pm Sun 13 May
Agata Stoinska, BLOW Photo

Photobook Publishing: An Independent Guide to Editing, Funding, Printing and Promoting

Next session to be announced.
Éanna de Fréine, The Velvet Cell.

Exhibition Making

Next session to be announced.
Steven Maybury, Artist and Consultant Curator

Choosing the Right Output For Your Project

Next session to be announced.
Moritz Neumüller, Independent Curator

Opening soon
Managing Online Content

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